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    Established in 1992, Vitop BIOenergy (China) Limited is an international high-tech enterprise combining scientific research, development, production, marketing and service, and is also one of the three public companies which have been engaged in the China healthcare industry for over 10 years. On Feb 1st, 2002, Vitop was listed on GEM (Growth Enterprise Market) in Hong Kong, and was upgraded on the main board of Hong Kong Exchange on Feb 10th, 2003 (stock code 1178).With 15 years’ development, Vitop has built a vast products range covering ‘eating’, ‘…
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    天年誠邀您的加盟!聯系人:翁總 電話:0756-3266355
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    Olympic athlete endorsement Vitop products
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    Serivce Call: 400-830-8135

    Address: No.8 Exhibition Building, No.1 Software Park Road, Tang, Zhuhai, Guangdong, China

    Tel: 0756-3266299

    Fax: 0756-3266288

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